Computer Disposal

What to do with your old desktop or laptop when it has reached the outdated stage? New computer recycling abilities allows us to safely recycle that old piece of hardware we no longer need.

Why should I recycle my old computer?

If you have 3 or more old laptops, and one or more desktops it is time to figure out how to recycle your old computer. Since electronics contribute over 2 million of toxic waste in the form of mercury, cadmium, nickel, and lead the only thing that is safe to say is we need to recycle in a responsible manner so our earth will not pay the price of our old computers. Companies specialize in recycling computers taking all the parts and sending them to other recyclers for reuse. It has to be your responsibility to recycle so part and pieces can be turned into other products.

What steps do I need to take to safely wipe the memory?

The first thing to do is save any files that you need in the future. You can transfer them on to a new computer or on to a zip drive. When you are sure you have done that you need to get a program to wipe the hard drive. Deleting everything still leaves pieces of information on the hard drive, finding a program either online or purchase one, that will wipe the hard drive a few times is the best. There are companies that do this for you, or the other alternative is removing the hard drive and smash it. There have been some movies that you see people destroying their hard drives in a microwave, not recommended... This will not only destroy the microwave, but certainly cause a small fire.

What parts can be recycled?

Most all parts can be recycled to your computer, scanners, printers and fax machines. Taking your computer to a reputable authorized recycler that will ensure that they take apart and pass on the parts to where they need to go. Parts and computers for recycling usually end up at Dell. It is the number one recycler for old computers. They either recycle the parts into a new (refurbished) computer or sell off the rest of the parts to recyclers. If there is still left over parts interesting enough they incinerate them to help generate energy for their operation.

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Is my old computer worth anything?

There are some computer recycling companies that pay cash for old computers. It is a nominal amount but better than nothing. You can also sell with a post online include the year and model of your computer and if it is still working.

What possibilities in the afterlife are there for my computer?

The afterlife... Many computers are recycled into new computers and sold at a low price or donated to people in need. E-waste is also collected and purchased from many computer companies for re-use in new electronics. For certain, you should feel good about your decision to recycle; after all it is about our children's children, right?